Mortgage Refinancing

If you have any of these goals in mind, mortgage refinancing might make sense:

  • Lower your borrowing costs when interest rates have dropped
  • Get a better discount when your credit score has improved
  • Stabilize your mortgage payments
  • Get funds to renovate and increase the value of your home
  • Consolidate debts under one payment
  • Purchase additional property, such as vacation or investment property
  • Pay for tuition and education
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities


What are your mortgage refinancing goals?

Refinancing your mortgage might be right for you if you are financially established with home equity, and you have specific goals in mind. It's time to start putting your home equity to work to help you follow your dreams.

As a Dominion Lending mortgage broker, I have access to the widest range of mortgage lenders and the best mortgage rates.

Contact me to discuss whether refinancing your mortgage is right for you. I am happy to assist with all your mortgage refinancing needs.


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