Lilah is personable and sincere when dealing with clientele. She connects well both on a financial level as well, an emotional level which is important when you are about to spend 100’s of thousands of dollars, potentially a million or more. Her knowledge and expertise in the mortgage lending and credit environment aid her in steering clientele in most appropriate direction. Lilah is a fast worker and always ensures the client is kept up to date with any information. Bottom line, Lilah is the best mortgage broker I have dealt with.

Greg Villamere

Lilah is a top notch act! We were introduced to Lilah through our real estate agent while purchasing our new house earlier this year. We had never used a mortgage broker before, and frankly were not sure this was thr route we wanted to go. But in no time Lilah changed our minds! Not only was she professional and results oriented, but she went above and beyond our expectations in terms of deliverables, attention to detail, customer contact and satisfaction, and just all around service. The high quality service Lilah provided convinced us this was the way we wanted to go, leaving our financial institution we had been dealing with for over 15 years. If you are looking for someone that will give you premium service and do whatever she can to provide you with the best results, then Lilah is your woman.. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a mortgage.

Sheri McQueen

I contacted Lilah on a Saturday morning to help put mortgage financing together on a firm deal as time was of the essence. I was hoping for a return contact at some time during the weekend but resigned myself to the fact it may be Monday morning. Within 15 minutes, Lilah had returned my message and said she was ready to ‘go to work’. My clients told me she is “really sharp” and very nice.
Professional, courteous, and knowledgable is how I’d describe Lilah.
Do yourself a favour and call this lady for mortgage assistance.

Gary Glidden

Lilah was a dream to work with. Always on top of her business and always went the extra mile to get a deal done for her staff and ultimately her client. If you are thinking about hiring a mortgage agent I strongly suggest giving Lilah a call.

Darin Perrett

We were fortunate to have Lilah arrange the mortgage on our new home. She was quick and struck the best deal for us. It was a pleasure to work with her ….. she made the experience painless.
We recommended her to our son this year and again he and his wife were very pleased. Would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Stephen E. Smith

Lilah is a detail-oriented professional that is able to meet her clients needs. She cares about her clients future and works hard to make sure that their financial needs are met. I would confidently recommend Lilah to anyone because of her professionalism and her ability to meet client’s needs.

Kevin Kemp

Lilah is fantastic to work with. Excellent customer service skills, hit all milestones on time and accurately. I would highly recommend Lilah to anyone that is looking for a mortgage of any kind.

Chad Cowan

I highly recommend Lilah because she exhibits the most important characteristics of a top-tier mortgage agent; a strong knowledge of the multitude of mortgage products available, the ability find the proper product to suit her client’s needs, and above all she provides this service in a professional and courteous manner.

Vince Rinaldi

Lilah is an experienced, knowledgeable intelligent mortgage agent. She will help you make the best mortgage decision for you.

Robin Stagg

I’ve worked with Lilah for 8 years and she is consistently successful in managing client relationships and satisfying their needs. She is excellent at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone looking for expert mortgage advice.

Scott Brown